The Missions Ministry of Lafayette Baptist Church seeks to glorify God
by educating believers about missions,
supporting the ministry of missionaries,
and touching the world with the hope of Christ
through meeting physical and spiritual needs.

Educating believers about missions – In order to be effective in world missions, we must know and understand the world and the necessary strategies to reach it.  The Missions Ministry has the responsibility to educate the church concerning its mission responsibility and what Baptists are doing throughout the world for the cause of Christ.

Supporting the ministry of missionaries – It is understandable that not everyone can go to the far corners of the globe and carry out full time missionary work.  But those who have been called to this type of ministry need our support. Through Missions Ministry such things as prayer support, financial support, and emotional support are given.  This gives us a hand in world wide missions.
Touching the world with the hope of Christ – This is what distinguishes us from other world wide helping organizations. Others may relieve human suffering and help offer a better life to the hurting masses of the world. But the church also offers the hope of Christ. The Missions Ministry is always seeking to tie its work to the gospel message.

Through meeting physical and spiritual needs – Mission work constantly faces the battle of walking the line between both the physical and spiritual needs of the world.  If the physical needs alone are addressed, then the most pressing need of salvation is left unanswered.  If, on the other hand, salvation alone is stressed, then the plight of the suffering is left unchecked which is both a violation of our biblical responsibility and a limiting factor in the world’s ability to hear our message.  Therefore, intentional efforts are made to maintain this balance of meeting both the physical and the spiritual needs of the world.