Nurture Ministries


This group for senior adults meets on the first Thursday of each month at 10:00am in the Fellowship Hall for a time of fellowship, learning, and fun.

This time is followed by a rotation of lunch locations, including at the church or a local restaurant. In addition, the group takes an out of town trip twice each year to various spots in the country.

The group is open to all senior adults whether they are members of Lafayette or not.


Ministry of the Deacons

The deacons of Lafayette partner with the pastoral staff in ministering to the members of the church along with addressing special needs outside the body. They are divided into teams with specialized areas of focus.

The Benevolence Deacon Team seeks to glorify God by addressing benevolent needs in a fair and balanced fashion according to the resources which are available.

The Bereavement Deacon Team seeks to glorify God by offering ministry to church members who have lost loved ones.

The Connecting Deacon Team seeks to glorify God by helping connect prospective members to the church body in a meaningful fashion.

The Hospital Deacon Team seeks to glorify God by contacting those of our membership not in New Day Groups who enter the hospital  to share support, love, and comfort to the patient and family during the length of the hospital stay.

The Military Deacon Team seeks to glorify God by ministering to the various needs of families of military members during times of deployment, other separations, or periods of hardship.

The Nursing Home Deacon Team seeks to glorify God by ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of the church members who are in nursing homes and other care facilities.

The Special Needs Deacon Team seeks to glorify God by coordinating ministry to church members during times of special and unusual needs

Prayer Ministry

Intercessory Prayer Ministry – Persons involved in this ministry have a regularly scheduled time for prayer in the prayer room. Requests that have been given to the church office are made available to all participants. This vital ministry operates in the background, but has great impact on the effectiveness of the church’s work.

Weeks of Prayer – Each year opportunities are provided to offer specific prayer for missionaries and their needs. Prayer guides are given to the congregation to assist them as they pray.