Here is an archive of sermons shared prior to the suspension of In-Person Worship due to COVID-19. We have pivoted to making our Worship services available on our YouTube channel. Look for us at LaFayette Baptist Church Fayetteville NC. Services are now livestreamed each week and and the services are archived on our YouTube channel in case you miss us live. We are so thankful to be able to worship with you in this way.

“I Exalt Me”

This week’s message from Dr. Jorgenson is a look at the 2nd of the Capital Vices – Vainglory. This is his 3rd message in his series on the “Glittering Vices: A Study of the Places We Get Spiritually Stuck”. Vainglory is the excessive or disordered desire for recognition or praise.

“Envy: The Bitter Fruit”

This is the second message from Dr. Jorgenson’s series on “Glittering Vices: A Study of the Places Where We Get Stuck Spiritually”. Last week’s message was the introduction and this week we explore the first of the Seven Capital Vices – Envy. Based on James 3: 13-18.

“Como Se Llama?”

In this message Dr. Jorgenson explores Jesus’ calling his first disciples and the importance of our names. How are you called? It’s an important question with a very important answer. Based on John 1: 29-42.