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“I Exalt Me”

This week’s message from Dr. Jorgenson is a look at the 2nd of the Capital Vices – Vainglory. This is his 3rd message in his series on the “Glittering Vices: A Study of the Places We Get Spiritually Stuck”. Vainglory is the excessive or disordered desire for recognition or praise.

“Envy: The Bitter Fruit”

This is the second message from Dr. Jorgenson’s series on “Glittering Vices: A Study of the Places Where We Get Stuck Spiritually”. Last week’s message was the introduction and this week we explore the first of the Seven Capital Vices – Envy. Based on James 3: 13-18.

“Como Se Llama?”

In this message Dr. Jorgenson explores Jesus’ calling his first disciples and the importance of our names. How are you called? It’s an important question with a very important answer. Based on John 1: 29-42.