Sermons on Mark

“Hard Facts & Simple Truth”

This message by Dr. Hinson is based on Mark 9: 30-37. In this passage, Jesus asks His disciples what they had been arguing about as they walked along the road. For us today, we often are arguing or discussing questions that are taking our attention off of who Jesus is calling us to be.

“When Fears Arise”

There are a host of situations in our lives today that could cause us to be afraid and filled with despair. It is not a question of “if” we will be afraid at some point, but “when”.  And, how will we respond when the fear comes? Dr. Hinson’s message addresses this and is based on […]

“A Walk To The Cross”

For the second part of his Palm Sunday message, Dr. Hinson chooses to let the words of the Gospel of Mark tell the story on their own. This is Mark 14:1 through Mark 15:47 read in its entirety. At the close Dr. Hinson has a question for us all to consider this Holy Week.