Sermons from October 2017

“The Measure Of Our Mission”

What is our mission as a church? To answer that question we first must consider what our mission is as individual believers who are a part of this faith community. This is the fourth message in Dr. Hinson’s serious on stewardship. This message considers various biblical texts.

“The Measure Of Faith”

Continuing his series on stewardship, Dr. Hinson explores how Jesus measured faith. Often he said that his disciples and others had “little faith”. An instance of that is recorded in Luke 12:28. And what does the faith that Christ calls us to have look like?

“The Measure Of A Life”

This is the first message in a 4-part series on Stewardship. Dr. Hinson calls us to consider what the Scriptures teach us regarding how we evaluate or measure our lives. How we answer this question is foundational to our views of stewardship.